Sustainable fishing and aquaculture

Ensuring sustainable fishing and aquaculture

Taking action to support commercial, recreational and Aboriginal cultural fisheries and aquaculture to be economically viable and ecologically sustainable into the future.

Stage 1 actions

Promoting the community benefits of sustainable seafood

Promoting the consumption of fresh seafood in the community and supporting the seafood industry.

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Harvest strategies (fishing)

Developing harvest strategies for two target fisheries to ensure fish stocks are managed sustainably, while providing fishers with more reliable access to the resource.

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Recreational fishing environmental assessment

Undertaking an environmental assessment of recreational fishing to inform future management. Rules that apply to recreational fishing will be periodically reviewed.

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Application of Marine Aquaculture Strategy

Guiding implementation of new aquaculture ventures through the Marine Waters Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy.

Oyster farmers protecting seagrass

NSW oyster farmers are protecting seagrass by applying guidelines outlined in the NSW Oyster Industry Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy.

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Recreational fisheries enhancements

Enhancing recreational fishing opportunities through fish stocking programs and development of fishing infrastructure.

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Seafood industry training

Expanding the OceanWatch Master Fisherman Program for commercial fishers, to raise their awareness of the threats to the marine estate.

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