Sustainable fishing and aquaculture

Ensuring sustainable fishing and aquaculture

Taking action to support commercial, recreational and Aboriginal cultural fisheries and aquaculture to be economically viable and ecologically sustainable into the future.


Harvest strategy development

Developing harvest strategies for use by commercial, recreational and cultural fishers to reduce the risks of fishing on species of concern.

Harvest strategy research

Linking commercial, recreational and Aboriginal cultural fisheries information to improve harvest strategies and ecological risk assessment.

Recreational fishing environmental assessment

Limiting the environmental impacts of recreational fishing by completing an environmental impact assessment and a recreational fisheries strategy.

Marine aquaculture

Using the Marine Waters Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy to explore opportunities for new marine aquaculture ventures.

Best practices in oyster aquaculture

Protecting important seagrass habitat by using the best-practice guidelines in the NSW Oyster Industry Sustainable Aquaculture Strategy.

Oyster aquaculture business and environment

Helping oyster businesses recover from natural disasters so they remain financially and environmentally sustainable.

Socio-ecological research

Identifying the priorities for socio-ecological research to support the Marine Estate Management Strategy.

Recreational fishing values

Analysing historical NSW recreational fishing surveys to understand what motivates fishers and gives them a sense of satisfaction.

Marine estate benefits

Investigating the social and environmental benefits from a healthy NSW marine estate to make better management decisions.

Cultural fishing monitoring

Understanding cultural fishing participation, practices and limitations to protect and promote cultural fishing.

Wild catch fish stocks

Contributing NSW biological, catch and effort data to help develop the Status of Australian Fish Stocks Reports and develop Harvest Strategies.

Fisheries enhancements

Improve fishing access by fish stocking and artificial reef installation at key places and planning fishing platforms.

Fishing industry marine stewardship

Working with the fishing and aquaculture industries to improve sustainable practices, and develop economic opportunities.

Eat more NSW seafood

Building marketing and promotion capability in seafood businesses through small-scale and large-scale grants.

Marine biosecurity awareness

Using social research into recreational boaters' knowledge of the risks of aquatic pests and diseases to develop a communication and behavioural change management program.

Page last updated/reviewed: 21 May 2021