Aboriginal cultural values

Protecting the Aboriginal cultural values of the marine estate

Taking action to increase active participation of Aboriginal people in managing the marine estate.


Sea Country management

Employing Aboriginal people to manage Sea Country.

Aboriginal engagement

Establishing an effective framework to involve Aboriginal communities in Sea Country management.

Sea Country Plans

Developing Sea Country Plans with Aboriginal communities.

Cultural Resource Use Agreements

Developing Cultural Resource Use Agreements with Aboriginal communities in marine parks.

Elders as mentors

Involving Elders as mentors in all NSW marine parks to increase the respect and appreciation of Sea Country and Aboriginal cultural values by marine estate staff.

Cultural interpretations

Collaborating with Aboriginal communities on additional signage and artwork depicting their cultural connection to Sea Country.

Sea Country rangers

Designing and delivering a Caring for Sea Country ranger model with Aboriginal communities.

Reviving culture

Working with Aboriginal communities to revive cultural knowledge and practices of Sea Country.

Cultural tourism

Supporting Aboriginal cultural tourism business opportunities.

Cultural economic development

Increasing the number of people engaged in Aboriginal businesses in the marine estate.

Cultural fishing funds

Delivering targeted funds to increase economic opportunities for Aboriginal people in the fishing and seafood industry.

Cultural research and monitoring

Developing a cultural research, monitoring and evaluation approach that is integrated with the Marine Integrated Monitoring Program.

Cultural fish traps

Recording the history and significance of fish traps and increasing the number of management plans.

Pipi harvest

Enabling Aboriginal people to harvest pipis and consume them safely for cultural purposes.

Climate change on culture

Understanding the effects of climate change on Aboriginal communities.

Page last updated/reviewed: 05 Mar 2021