Key initiatives

These nine initiatives guide all the actions of the Marine Estate Management Strategy.

Improving water quality and reducing litter

A water bottle floats in the ocean

Initiative 1 objective:

To improve water quality and reduce marine litter for the benefit of marine habitats, wildlife and the community.

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Delivering healthy coastal habitats with sustainable use and development

A man sitting on a rock looking out over the coastline and ocean

Initiative 2 objective:

To protect coastal and marine habitats and associated species and enhance the health of the marine estate by improving the design, quality and ongoing management of foreshore development, use and waterway infrastructure.

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Planning for climate change

A large wave breaking into turbulent white water

Initiative 3 objective:

Understand, adapt and increase resilience, to help mitigate the impacts of climate change on the NSW marine estate.

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Protecting the Aboriginal cultural values of the marine estate

Aboriginal artwork of a dolphin with circular patterns on its body, fins and tail

Initiative 4 objective:

Work with Aboriginal communities in the management of Sea Country to reduce threats and risks to Aboriginal cultural heritage.

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Reducing impacts on threatened and protected species

Two dolphins swimming in blue water with shafts of sunlight

Initiative 5 objective:

To understand and mitigate threats to threatened and protected species in NSW.

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Ensuring sustainable fishing and aquaculture

A fishermen is pulling nets back onto a trawler with the sun in the background

Initiative 6 objective:

To ensure fishing and aquaculture is managed in a way that is consistent with ecologically sustainable use while providing for the health, heritage and social benefits of fishing and seafood consumption.

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Enabling safe and sustainable boating

Looking down on a small power boat speeding under a bridge

Initiative 7 objective:

To balance protection of coastal and marine habitats and species with ongoing access and safe and sustainable boating.

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Enhancing social, cultural and economic benefits

A man and woman sitting beside a tent taking a photo of the rising sun over a beach

Initiative 8 objective:

To improve the social, cultural and economic benefits that the NSW community derives from the marine estate by responding to priority threats.

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Delivering effective governance

Two men and a woman wearing safety clothing and looking at plans with a large coal shipped docked in the background

Initiative 9 objective:

To improve governance arrangements across the marine estate to support coordinated, transparent, inclusive and effective decision-making.

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Page last updated/reviewed: 05 Mar 2021