Threatened and protected species

Reducing impacts on threatened and protected species

Taking action to protect threatened and protected marine wildlife from harm.

Stage 1 actions

Protect and conserve marine wildlife

Developing education and compliance campaigns to improve community awareness of marine wildlife issues. For example, a Seal Interaction Plan has been prepared.

Find out more about protecting and conserving marine wildlife.

Improve reporting of interactions with marine wildlife

Creating a web portal to help vets and wildlife rescuers and rehabilitators to report marine wildlife interactions and emergencies.

Find out more about improving reporting of interactions with marine wildlife.

Commercial fishing observer program

Expanding the commercial fishing observer program to better understand and manage interactions with threatened and protected species.

Find out more about the commercial fishing observer program.

Latest news

Five-star seahorse hotels opened in Sydney

6 Mar 2020 – Purpose-built biodegradable ‘seahorse hotels’ have been installed at a site in Sydney Harbour this month as part of a world-first conservation project that aims to provide habitat for a captive-bred population of White’s Seahorses and boost dwindling numbers of the endangered species.

Successful rescue operation saves a shark's eyesight

18 Feb 2020 - A Critically Endangered Grey Nurse Shark now has full use of both eyes thanks to a successful rescue operation that removed fishing hooks caught between its eye and jaw.

Breeding project for endangered seahorses

6 Dec 2019 – A program launched in Sydney aims to successfully breed a population of White’s Seahorse in captivity. The captive-bred seahorses will then be released back into the wild in an effort to reverse the decline of this species that has recently been listed as endangered.

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